Advice on cancer patients with wigs.

Many who undergo chemotherapy suffer from hair loss and a sensitive scalp. This presents some important factors to consider when buying a wig.All women want to have beautiful hair. When we experience hair loss due to chemotherapy, it's only natural to want your hair back. Wigs of course are the perfect solution. Shop all wigs for cancer patients!

But, will any wig do? Many companies will sell wigs calling them "medical wigs". But the truth is… There is really no such thing as a medical wig. Wigs that would be best for women with a sensitive scalp or simply those weeks made with some extra features in the Construction for added comfort and security.If your scalp is sensitive, you will want to look for Features such as:better density,comfortable mesh cap,as the soft sheer material is doubled over to make it pleasant against your scalp. It's also very important to have velvet or soft ear tabs.

For the most natural look he will definitely want a lace front wigs and full lace wigs.However, pay extra attention to the construction.100% hand tied caps are usually extremely soft and comfortable and have very little seams. However… They are quite pricey. This feature is usually reserved for human hair wigs. But, many synthetic wigs are perfect for women with a sensitive scalp as they are generally lighter and cooler.If you have total hair loss, you may want to wear a nylon wig cap for added comfort and a soft barrier in between any wig cap.

Many cancer patients discover wigs out of necessity. However, once the secret is discovered (that wigs make a perfect hairstyle easy), it is quite easy to make them part of your lifestyle even after the hair has grown back!

Chemotherapy stinks…There is nothing good about the process or the side effects that one must endure in order to get better, but the blessing of having wigs as a tool to make life a little better, not to mention give you fabulous hair…Priceless!


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