November 2018

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Wig correct wearing method

We all want to have the same hair style as a star, but they always get different from them, and even get in and out. Why is this?In addition to because they have professional stylists , in fact, the following hairdressing tools are inseparable.Know and understand their usefulness and usage, you c...

How to care about wigs

I believe that many women now have the experience of using a woman's wig , so if everyone will take care of the wig, let me bring you some information about wig care today. There are very good questions about how to care about wigs. The first is the collection of wigs:The hair cover is afrai...
Follow me to make your wig nature!!!

Follow me to make your wig nature!!!

We dress up for covering our body. It is a necessity. But it is not the only reason we wear clothes. We wear them for fashion. We want to look stylish all the time when we have notched up a level over necessity. Wigs are also a part of dress code. Since nowadays, everybody is using wigs it has som...
How To Fix Synthetic Wigs

How To Fix Synthetic Wigs

Maintaining your synthetic wig shouldn’t cost you so much at a beauty store – synthetic wigs are a pocket-friendly option to human hair wigs, but they also have their downsides. One major disadvantage is that they lose shape and style when the synthetic fiber clings or develop static electricity. ...
full lace front wigs

Have the benefit of having a wig.

With people’s now understanding of beauty,wearing wigs is getting more and more people's youth.Do you know the benefits of having a wig while you know it?Let me take you to understand it! 1.Wearing a wig can play the role of appearance modification, changing the hairstyle is simple and...
synthetic hair color


To choose a suits color is very important when choosing a wig, while it is not an easy thing to do. Color is such a subtle thing and there could be tiny little differences between two similar colors. For a brown color, there is dark coffee brown, medium brown, light brown, golden brown, chestnut bro...

synthetic lace front wigs

If you're shopping online for the best synthetic lace front wigs , you're at the right place. We stock a wide variety of colors and styles made from the most refined quality synthetic fibers; it's hard to tell the difference! Not only do they look like 100 % human lace front wigs they also feel t...
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