Follow me to make your wig nature!!!

We dress up for covering our body. It is a necessity. But it is not the only reason we wear clothes. We wear them for fashion. We want to look stylish all the time when we have notched up a level over necessity. Wigs are also a part of dress code.

Since nowadays, everybody is using wigs it has somehow become a fashion competition.But the irony of the fact remains that though everyone is using wigs still everyone wants others to think that the hairdo is done on their natural born hair. So what to do if you want your wig to look and feel like your own natural or real hair? Well the solution is quite simple actually. You just have to follow the following pointers when you are buy or handling your wigs.

You must always buy wigs from an exclusive wig retailer. These kinds of shops offer variety of choices for the customers as their pricing is proportionate with the quality of the wigs all year round unlike the costume shops. You may also get some seasonal discounts here.

Dyeing the wigs in different colors every now and then will give them - “you’re original” feel. Dyeing a wig with a natural hair color makes its more real and to boot it retains the color more than actual hair

By tweezing the side parts, the mid rift, the hairline gives the wig a real look. This out of the box styling tip is applicable for only those with sound experience in hair makeovers.

The newly bought wigs have an extra bit of synthetic shine. If you powder it frequently for a tad the shine fades and the natural tone creeps in.

The wigs brushed with a wet wide toothed hairbrush last long and presents a detangled real hair feel.

For further natural feel you can always style your wigs with heat equipment like curler or straightener or simple perm it up with a steam blow. This process is applicable for human hair wigs only.

Increasing the volume of the hair in your wigs with wig enhancers is also a way to give natural look to your wigs.


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