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Is Remy Hair Real Human Hair?

Is Remy Hair Real Human Hair?

When you first try to navigate the world of extensions, you can be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of jargon you have to learn. Micro bead? Tape-in? Clip-in? Wait – they have different weights?? When you first begin to browse extensions , you’ll encounter one word a lot: Remy. What exactl...
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Holiday Hairstyles

Looking for a fab 'do for the holidays? With hair extensions and awesome hairpieces, finding the perfect style will be a snap! Here are our recommendations: Curled Updo This style is both classic and elegant, and is perfect for all of your fancy holiday parties. This style requires a li...
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Sombre vs Ombre

I am by no means an expert in the latest fashion trends , but there is something so intriguing about looking at my Instagram explore page as I scour for more ideas for myself. But when I was trolling around Pinterest and Instagram, I soon found myself stumped. I found myself staring at - in my mind...
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Wearing a Lace Front Wig Hurts Your Hair?

Lace frontal wigs or Full lace wigs are a fabulous accessory for women seeking to change their look. These wigs can open the door to a world of versatile styles, generating hair envy among the masses. From gorgeous updos to cascading waves of hair that flow midway down your back with a natural ...
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Live Life in COLOR

Add a little spunk to your style with a splash of color! Too afraid to dye your gorgeous locks ? No worries, we’ve got stunning colored pieces that you can add to your hair without any commitment to the could even have a different color for every day of the week! We know you aren’t bo...
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How To Take Care of Hair Extensions & Extend Their Life

Hair extensions give us the gift of protection and ease when it comes to maintaining our hair. Just as mindfully as we take care of any of the important items in our life, it is equally important we know how to take care of human hair extensions . Good maintenance means knowing how to wash human ha...
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What is a Hair Wave

A hair weave is a type of hair extension method where hair wefts are sewn onto braided hair and styled to any desired style. The beauty of a hair weave, and the reason why it is such a popular method, is how undetectable it is. It typically depends on both your hair texture and the style you are l...
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How To Repair Human Hair Extensions

When we wear long, luxurious hair extensions , no one can tell us a thing. We look good, feel good, and the world is basically our oyster. There is a down side to some of this glamour: the upkeep. Keeping up with your human hair extensions can be a real challenge if you don’t know what you’r...
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What Hair Extensions Are Right For Me?

Are you now joining the hair extensions community? Welcome! Figuring out which extensions are right for you can sometimes require a little trial and error. Not only do you have to get the color right, you have to take the length, style, and texture into consideration as well! Unless you are...
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Coachella Hair

Coachella Music and Arts Festival is known worldwide not only for the music and fashion... but for the hairstyles as well! Celebrities and instagram stars can be seen rocking tight braids, colorful extensions, and everything in between. While the Coachella season has come and gone, the intricate a...
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