How to care about wigs

I believe that many women now have the experience of using a woman's wig, so if everyone will take care of the wig, let me bring you some information about wig care today.

There are very good questions about how to care about wigs.

The first is the collection of wigs:The hair cover is afraid of high temperature and dust. When it is collected, it should be sealed with the original bag. Do not put it in a high temperature environment, or use a curling iron to roll it. The hair cover is afraid of high temperature and dust. It should be sealed with the original bag when collecting. In a high temperature environment, it is even more difficult to roll with a curling iron;

Followed by wig cleaning:It is recommended that you wash less, as long as there is no stain for two or three months to wash the wig, the fiber wig is not so good after washing, if you want to wash, pour some shampoo in the water, then foam the head in the water, 10 minutes later Take it up naturally and dry it, don't lick it and don't screw it;

Another point is very important,If the wig is not well combed, don't pull it hard. You should slowly and carefully open it. It will make the wig soft and bright and prevent static electricity. Don't spray styling agent such as gel water on the wig, otherwise it will make the wig sticky. Then, the wig sleeve should be combed before use, and it can be combed after wearing it.Comb wigs generally use a comb with a sparse tooth. Use a horn tooth comb and a steel tooth comb. When combing the wig, it should be combed obliquely. It should not be combed straight. For a longer wig comb, divide the wig into several segments, from bottom to top. Comb, the action must be light;Finally, the high-temperature real hair or hair piece can be shaped with a straight hair stick or a curling iron, but I does not recommend that everyone do this. After all, even if it is a real hair wig, it is not supplied by the human hair body. The nutrition is guaranteed, so I still care about it.

At this point, how to take care of the wig will be introduced, and more relevant information can continue to pay attention to our website.


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