To choose a suits color is very important when choosing a wig, while it is not an easy thing to do. Color is such a subtle thing and there could be tiny little differences between two similar colors. For a brown color, there is dark coffee brown, medium brown, light brown, golden brown, chestnut brown, sandy brown, walnut brown, etc.
There is a specific color code or number for each color, however, this code varies among different wig brands. The color codes can be found in below range numbers.

There is no color code for Natural black color. You can find the color listed just as ‘Natural black' for wigs on the website.
Black colors range from 1 to 1B,
Browns from 2 to 12, and
Blondes from 14 to 26.
613 is a golden platinum blonde that's the perfect balance between blonde and platinum.

When you choose a color on the website, actual wig color can be different from what you see on your screen due to individual monitor settings and lighting conditions. Also you might find a specific color looks different on your computer screen and your phone.

So to choose the right color, you can send us a picture to show the color you are looking for.
Or you can send us a hair sample that you want us to match.

According to the feedbacks of our customers, they find the color different than the color they see on our website and needs to make an exchange. So we recommend our customers put in more efforts when choosing the wig color in order to avoid all the return hassles. Please keep in mind that our customer service team members are very happy to help you with any questions including choosing the wig color.


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