How To Fix Synthetic Wigs

Maintaining your synthetic wig shouldn’t cost you so much at a beauty store – synthetic wigs are a pocket-friendly option to human hair wigs, but they also have their downsides. One major disadvantage is that they lose shape and style when the synthetic fiber clings or develop static electricity. In a dry environment, negatively charged ions cause a static cling. A fabric softener is of great use in fixing your synthetic wig; this is because it contains chemicals that have a positive charge.

These chemicals create a balance between the charges on your wig thereby eliminating the cling due to static electricity. Most human hairs have real moisture, but this tends to be lacking in wigs. Fabric softeners can act as an excellent conditioning agent to combat the dry feel on the wigs. Using a fabric softener makes the synthetic wig much easier to comb through as it gets quite soft—but it doesn’t fix the weird bends or unwanted curls.

To Carry Out The Fixing Procedure On Your Wig You May Be Needing

  • A spray bottle, cold water, and a fabric softener.
  • Take an equal part of the fabric softener and an equal part of the water, mix it into the spray bottle and shake very well.
  • Thoroughly douse the synthetic wig in the water/ fabric softener mixture.
  • Wrap the wig in a towel and dab gently without twisting or rubbing.
  • Hang the synthetic wig on a wig stand and allow the mixture dry overnight.

Please note to take your wig off before bed to prevent it from rubbing against each other and having a frazzled look. Also, ensure to carry out this wig fixing process in a bathtub or sink so as not have a messy, slippery floor. There are a few dos and don’ts to remember for your synthetic wigs, and they include

Dos And Don’ts For Your Synthetic Wigs

  • Always allow your wig to air dry, avoid using a blow-dryer.
  • Use cold water only on your synthetic wig.
  • Do not apply heat to your synthetic wig i.e. flat irons and curling irons.
  • Avoid using a brush or a comb on a straight wig when it’s wet.
  • Take your wig off before going to bed.

Following the above rules will make keep your wig looking brand new and realistic for up to a year. Having a wig is great but maintaining the lifespan of your synthetic wig is the most important.


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