Wig correct wearing method

We all want to have the same hair style as a star, but they always get different from them, and even get in and out. Why is this?In addition to because they have professional stylists, in fact, the following hairdressing tools are inseparable.Know and understand their usefulness and usage, you can also become super star!

Method / Step:

1.First, the side of the hair net with a ring of elastic band facing down, and the other side is raised upwards.

2.The side with the elastic band presses on the hairline, don't let your real hair come out, and the other side lifts up, and spreads your hair in the hair net, so as not to be uneven after wearing the wig.

3.After the hair is evenly spread in the hair net, the top of the mouth is placed on the head, and no special fixation is required. : Wig from the back to wear, then adjust, there are two size adjustment buckles on the inside of the inside, there is a strip in the middle of the two buckles, there are several small squares on the cloth strip, please adjust the buckle according to the size of your head shape Just go in.

4.Bang can naturally get it. Find two small protrusions at the two corners. This is to check if the position of the wig is correct. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig properly.

5.When you are done wearing it, you can grab a few wigs with your hands and make it fluffy.

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